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December 2014
Dec. 1 Flexible Spending Accounts

You can use your FSA benefits for new eye glasses, sunglasses, contacts and eye exams!

November 2014
Nov. 1 November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes should have an eye exam once per year!

October 2014
Oct. 1 Are Your Tears Dysfunctional?

Persistent dryness, scratchiness, red eye and a burning sensation are symptoms of dysfunctional tears.

September 2014
Sep. 1 Scandinavian Eyewear - Skaga

We now carry frames from this innovative Swedish designer / producer 

August 2014
Aug. 1 Oakley Sunglasses

GVCO proudly features lifestyle, active and sports eyewear from Oakley

July 2014
Jul. 1 Computers and eye fatigue

If you work at a desk most of the day, be sure to read these tips for reducing eye strain!

June 2014
Jun. 1 Latest Technology in Progressive Lenses!

All progressive "no-line" lenses are NOT created equal!

May 2014
May. 1 Questions about your eye health?

GVCO covers eye health topics including macular degeneration, retinal detachment, diabetes, and more!

April 2014
Apr. 1 Macular Degeneration - What You Need to Know

Good information on macular degeneration from Dr. Oz

March 2014
Mar. 1 Mobile Devices and Your Eyes

Digital vision syndrome affects millions!

February 2014
Feb. 1 New Frames from FYSH inspired by the beauty of the sea!

Perfect for younger patients - click on the link above for more!

January 2014
Jan. 1 New Dailies Total 1 Contacts Are Here!

These contacts are so comfortable, even Dr. Riggs can wear them!

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