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Mobile Devices and Your Eyes

Handheld devices, like phones and tablets are great when it comes to being in touch when we’re on the move. However a lot of people have a habit of holding these devices too close to their faces! This causes the eyes to work much harder to focus on text and images.

Symptoms of excessive focusing effort may that can include dry eyes, blurry vision, fatigue, or even headache.

But we can’t all just stop using our phones. So what’s the solution? In order to lessen eyestrain and blurred vision caused by our smartphones and tablets, we recommend that you hold the phone further away, and make the text a little bigger, so you can still read it. It’s also good to remember to regularly take breaks from staring at your phone. We can’t give up technology, but it’s crucial to be smart about how we engage with it, in order to help preserve our vision.

If you or a member of your family believes he/she is experiencing vision related problems related to their mobile devices be sure to call our La Mesa optometrist today to schedule an appointment.